Committed to ongoing learning and development

At Boyce we know our people are our greatest asset. To support our team we are committed to continued learning and development. This commitment is a value that underpins our success as a firm and the success of every person in our team.

The learning and development journey with Boyce is focused around an holistic approach - everyone has the opportunity to develop and grow in both technical and non-technical areas to meet the challenges of our profession. 

Right from day one, you'll have the opportunity to grow your knowledge through a series of weekly learning and development sessions that bring team members together to learn and apply both technical and soft skills knowledge. Our learning and development  program includes practical, Boyce specific examples that allow you to apply the theory in a learning environment, as well as providing a valuable resource to refer to in your day to day work.

Undergraduate studies

Undergraduate studies broaden career opportunities and increase earning power. We provide financial assistance and other benefits to help our cadets gain their degrees including flexible work arrangements, paid study leave and text book allowances.

CA program

Do you want to become a Chartered Accountant? It can put you on track for career growth across a range of disciplines. It’s why the Chartered Accountant (CA) Program is the postgraduate qualification most often completed at Boyce. The course is conducted by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ).

The CA Program is demanding and Boyce offers comprehensive support for it, including:

  • Financial support to cover the cost of fees and textbooks.
  • Paid study leave.
  • Recourses and a network and discuss coursework with other participants.

Postgraduate studies

We believe that the more skills you can acquire in your chosen field, the better equipped you’ll be to assist your clients. We deliver financial assistance and other benefits to help our team thrive with their postgraduate studies including paid study leave and text book allowances.