"The Boyce social culture is unlike what you would expect at any other accounting firm. There is a lot of effort invested in team-building social activities which are at the core of the positive nature of the firm." 2013 Great Place to Work Survey | Comment by a Boyce team member

A great place to work

Boyce participates each year in an independent employee engagement survey.  

The fact that we actually survey our team is in itself quite unique in the accounting and professional services industry. To us though it's a very important process.

We want to know what our team members think about the firm, its leadership, their roles and what they believe are the great (and potentially not so great) factors about working with Boyce. We do this because we care what our team think.

More than 90% of our team rate Boyce as a 'great place to work'

So, what aspects of working with Boyce do our team value most? 

The answer to this question vary widely, depending on team members' circumstances, life stages and career goals.  Some aspects that always rank highly include:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Acknowledgement by the firm of the need to balance work and personal lives
  • Celebrations for major milestones - including birthdays and employment anniversaries
  • Great social events
  • The feeling of belonging in my team and office
  • A sense of family and care
  • The friendly approach and open-door policy of our leadership group
  • A well-stocked kitchen!