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Each year we offer graduates of commerce, business or economic disciplines the opportunity to join our Graduate Program, as the first step in building a successful and rewarding professional career.

As a Boyce Graduate you'll experience all facets of public accounting and work with a diverse range of highly successful clients across many industry sectors.You’ll enjoy working in a small team, being part of our open, friendly culture and having the opportunity to learn from our outstanding team of professionals.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy exceptional benefits

As a Boyce Graduate, we offer you a range of great benefits including:

  • CA/CPA support for post-graduate studies including generous study leave entitlements
  • A structured internal learning and development program and access to professional development opportunities
  • The opportunity to specialise if you have a particular interest and passion
  • A supportive work environment where you can develop and be rewarded not based on longevity with the firm, but on ability and commitment
Boyce Graduate | The Inside Story

Meggan Kendall (pictured) started her career with Boyce in the Cadetship program, whilst completing a Bachelor of Business (Accounting/Finance) through Charles Sturt University.

Meggan progressed to a Graduate position with Boyce Dubbo in 2014 and then commenced post graduate studies in the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA) Program in 2015.

Meggan was awarded the Western Region Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) Scholarship in 2016.

Our HR Coordinator recently caught up with Meggan to obtain her thoughts on her achievements during her time with Boyce.

First of all, congratulations on receiving the Western Region Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) Scholarship, how does it feel?

It was such a lovely surprise to be selected by the Western Region Committee for this scholarship. The scholarship is looking to support young professional accountants living in regional areas who are involved in their local communities, so it was such an honour to be selected. I had a lot of messages of support from not just family and colleagues but also people in the wider professional community which was really encouraging.

I have a firm belief in the fact that regional students and professionals should not be disadvantaged and that with a high level of commitment and with support from our local region we can be just as successful and competent as our city equivalents. This scholarship proved that for me and I hope that over time I am able to give back to my local community as it has supported me to get to where I am today

What support has Boyce provided you since graduating?  

Boyce is very supportive of graduates entering the CA program and they have very generous provisions for those who undertake further study including covering the full cost of the modules, a textbook and travel allowance and paid study days. Boyce also provides a mentor who is already a Chartered Accountant to assist you in your course. If you are interested in taking your career as an accountant further there really is no better option.

Boyce has also helped foster my learning by allowing me to mentor a cadet who was new to the firm. This worked well for both of us as the cadet can learn from someone relatable (who has been there done that!) and the graduate can cement their knowledge by teaching their skills to someone else.

How have you managed to balance work, the CA Program and a social life? 

It is definitely a challenge! When you are completing the CA Program you are still working full time in the office and have to make sure you plan your time wisely to fit in study after work and on weekends. In saying this, the CA program is very relevant to the work you are doing during business hours, so it makes it more interesting to learn. As long as you are organised with your allotted study time you still have plenty of time to enjoy yourself.

Working at Boyce itself is actually very social! Everyone gets along really well in the office and there are plenty of work events and activities to be involved in such as our legendary Christmas and end of financial year parties, morning teas to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions, lunchtime training sessions and volunteering for the community. We are quite a social group!

Do you think the practical work experience has assisted your learning and development?

I think it has more than assisted; it’s been invaluable to my learning experience. We all know that what you learn at uni and in post graduate studies is different to what happens in the real world. The cadetship and graduate programs allows you to learn the basic technical knowledge through study but then come to work and apply it to real world situations and clients.

What has been great… and not so great about working with Boyce? 

The cadetship program, graduate program and CA program are such an inherent part of the firm that everyone is very conscious of your study commitments and accordingly very flexible with your workload. This makes it easy to fit both work and study into your life.

The second best thing is that you are earning money whilst you are learning. You don’t need to miss out on having your own car and house or going on a holiday just because you are a student.

What’s not so great – well, sometimes I think that I missed out on the ‘party life’ that you often experience with going away to uni. However, I like to think of it that while you are sacrificing a few parties, you have taken the opportunity to get ahead financially and with your education and your career.

What are your plans for the future?  

I still have the final subject of my CA – the capstone module left to complete, which will be finished by December this year. After six years of study I am ready to take a break and focus on refining my skills at work. My husband and I are also planning on building a house this year, which is very exciting and is keeping us busy.

Finally, what advice would you give if someone was interested in joining Boyce as a cadet or graduate? 

Go for it!! If you live in a regional area or are thinking of moving to one, and you want to be able to earn money while you are learning – Boyce is for you. I found the cadetship and graduate programs to be a perfect fit for me. I’ve been able to stay in my hometown with my friends and family, get a university education and build a career with one the largest accounting firms in regional Australia.

Meggan Kendall, Accountant | Boyce Dubbo in conversation with Boyce HR Coordinator June 2016

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