Boyce is committed to 'growing our own'

Our Cadetship program is designed for students who live in regional NSW and are undertaking a degree in accounting, looking to gain entry into a professional practice environment. You will gain valuable, practical, on the job experience whilst you complete your degree. 

You’ll participate in our weekly learning and development sessions to grow your knowledge and by the time you graduate you’ll have ‘real-life’ work experience, setting you up for an exciting and rewarding professional career. You will have the support of experienced team members and a buddy to mentor and guide you. 

Our program is flexible - you get to decide which combination of full-time or part-time work and study best suits your individual circumstances. 

Cadetships offer a wealth of opportunities

Boyce Cadets | Enjoy Great Benefits

Some other great benefits to entice you to join the Boyce Cadetship program...

  • Generous paid study and exam leave
  • A text book allowance
  • Salary sacrifice options
  • Financial assistance with rent (Cooma and Moree offices)
Boyce Cadetships | The Inside Story

Curty Stoddard (pictured) is a member of the current ‘crop’ of Boyce cadets. Curty started with Boyce Dubbo in November 2013, having just completed her Higher School Certificate (HSC) at the Dubbo College Senior Campus.

Curty enrolled in a Bachelor of Accounting through Charles Sturt University (CSU), gaining admission through the early entry program.

In 2016, Curty was awarded the Boyce Dubbo CSU Accounting Scholarship.

Curty is due to complete her degree in 2017 and graduate from the Boyce cadetship program.

Our HR Coordinator recently caught up with Curty to obtain her thoughts on the Boyce cadetship program.

Congratulations on receiving the Boyce CSU Dubbo Scholarship, how does it feel?

It’s satisfying to know that my hard work really does pay off, and that’s exactly what the scholarship has done. It gives me the drive to keep on studying and working as hard as I can.

How has your uni course been so far?

Being well over halfway through my university degree it’s good to know that I am doing what’s best for my career and I’m always moving one step closer to starting the CA program to become a qualified accountant. Studying via distance education can be difficult at times but it’s great knowing I have the support from my university and Boyce.

What led you to study accounting and join the cadetship program?

I’ve always loved working with numbers and problem solving. Whilst I was undertaking my HSC I had no idea what I wanted to undertake as a career. My career advisors pointed me in the direction of accounting so I did some research, attended a session that Boyce presented for high school students and spoke with Boyce at a career’s day that was conducted at my school. After these conversations, I knew accounting was the career that I was going to pursue.

What has been the best part of undertaking a cadetship?  

It would have to be the practical and real world experience that you don’t get through university. This helped me understand the bigger picture of accounting instead of learning in sections at university.

Do you think the cadetship has assisted with your studies?  

The cadetship has done more than assisted with my studies; it has benefited me in a sense that not every job is the same and different things need to be taken into consideration with all work undertaken.

What does a day in the life of a cadet look like?

It’s never the same as the day before; there is no such thing as a typical day. You can’t predict what type of work you will be doing as accounting is not just tax returns, there are so many different things accountants do.

Have you managed to balance a social life, working and studying?  

With hard work and dedication it is still possible to have a social life whilst working and studying so long as you like what you’re doing then there is always a way to make it work.

What support have you had since commencing your cadetship with Boyce?  

I’ve had a tremendous amount of support since commencing my cadetship in 2013 – both inside and outside the firm. My family, friends and colleagues have all provided me with invaluable support throughout my cadetship journey so far, I can’t thank them enough.

What has been great… or not so great about working with Boyce? 

Working with Boyce has many perks through all of the social events such as the 30 June parties, Christmas functions and just general functions so the whole office can catch up and wind down. Boyce also provide a $550 textbook allowance each year which is fantastic as textbooks can really add up. Having this assistance has enabled me to not worry as much about funding textbooks every session. You also earn an income whilst working so you still have the funds to do other things such as holidays. I’ve had the chance to travel to New Zealand for two weeks with my family recently which wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Boyce.

What plans do you have once you’ve finished your degree?

My plan right now is to have some time off studying and then commence the CA program to become a qualified chartered accountant.

Finally, what advice would you give if someone was interested in undertaking a cadetship? 

If you’re interested in a career in accounting or business I highly recommend a cadetship simply because you are putting all your knowledge from university into practice in real-life situations. You are also earning an income so you aren’t as financially disadvantaged as what people expect a university student to be.

If you're completing your HSC this year or undertaking a degree in a related field such as commerce, economics, business or accounting and considering a career in public accounting, this program could be for you. 

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